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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Mongolian Ger

The Polos stayed in Gers while in Asia. Gers are also known as yurts in other cultures including the United States. They are mainly used as portable homes for nomadic people.

Here are some pictures showing how one is constructed today:

 It's impressive how the families work together to create their simple homes, including the making of the felt cover from the wool of their sheep herd. Watch the video below and see the process:

A man makes the wooden support posts for a ger--all by hand with no power tools:

 There are some excellent photos of a family and their gers here:

And more great information and pictures here:

Gers seem pretty cozy to me. I'd like to try living in one for awhile. How would you like living in a ger? How do you think the Polos liked staying in them?

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